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Thanks to the use of very advanced materials, also used in the medical field, we were able to develop a product that offers a maximum lightness (starting from 2.5 kg), with a maximum guarantee of long lasting comfort.



Hi-tech Polyethylene

A material with exceptional characteristics:

  • Non-toxic, antibacterial and biologically inert;

  • Soft enough for customer comfort;

  • Firm enough for the good feeling of the practitioner;

  • Maintains the person's body heat;

  • Insulates from the cold of the ground;

  • Elastic, it adapts to irregular surfaces;

  • Excellent resistance over time;

Thanks to its characteristics, this kind of polyethylene is used in surgery (as a padding material for hip reconstruction operations), for the manufacture of dressings for bedsores and mattresses for their prevention.

FutonZen: les futons portables les plus léger au monde. Pour le shiatsu, le massage thaï, wuo-thaï & tout travail corporel.


Ready in 15 seconds

Fold along the longitudinal line first,

then like an accordion.

Attach it with the straps provided,

then put it in its carrying bag.

It is done!



All FutonZens come with their waterproof carry bag with shoulder strap.

So that neither rain nor snow can stop you, each FutonZen is equipped with a waterproof carry bag (blue or black). To make your FutonZen more compact and to facilitate its insertion into the bag, it is equipped with two black fixing bands which allow you to fix the FutonZen when it is folded.

FutonZen: les futons portables les plus léger au monde. Pour le shiatsu, le massage thaï, wuo-thaï & tout travail corporel.


Bigger or Smaller?

They are all incredibly light!

S: the lighter model is equipped with a small cushion with dimensions 40 × 50 × 2 cm to increase the working surface;
M: With a larger surface area, your client can open both arms and you can comfortably work on his head and feet;

L: A large surface area, luxury with you, in just 3.2 kg;

EVO: the model equipped with a practically tear-proof polyester cover, which can be cleaned and disinfected in seconds with a sponge!







Washable protective cover. -25%

Protect your FutonZen with an extra washable cover! Enjoy a 25% reduction by buying it together with your FutonZen!

Why? One of the 2 covers fitted to the FutonZen (S, M & L) is not washable . We therefore recommend that you purchase a second washable protective cover as well!

All FutonZen* (S, M & L) come standard with two covers: a non-washable cover that allows the panels to stay in place and a larger washable cover;
With washing, cotton tends to shrink, so if you wash the non-washable cover you may not be able to place your FutonZen correctly. FUTONZEN accepts no responsibility in this case. 
If you do not want to risk soiling the non-washable cover supplied,add a second washable protective cover to your basket to stay zen and save 25% !


You can choose between different colors & materials:

  • BLUE : 100% cotton, washable at 40 °

  • GRAY WITH IDEOGRAMS : Cotton blend, washable at 40 °

  • BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, BLUE ROYAL: Waterproof polyester, washable with a damp sponge, hydroalcoholic solutions, etc.

Do you already have an extra protective cover?

It is then not necessary to buy another one!

* With the exception of the EVO model, made of polyester, practically tear-proof and washable with a cloth, for which we do NOT recommend the purchase of an additional cover.

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