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Discover our accessories to offer maximum comfort to your customers!



memory foam


Extra Comfort "Memory Foam" mattress

Antibacterial “Memory Foam” mattress specially designed to give an extraordinary sensation of envelopment and softness.

Open it on your FutonZen and the person receiving your treatment will feel very comfortable thanks to the incredible characteristics of the material. This extraordinary invention is, in fact, endowed with the "Memory" effect, which makes the mattress adapts perfectly to the body of the person lying on it.

The mattress rolls up its entire length and becomes a small cylinder. It comes with two straps that are used to attach it. Thanks to its special features, the mattress can stay well wrapped for a year, and when you reopen it, by itself, it returns to its original shape. This is why it adapts wonderfully to the body of the person lying on it.



Antibacterial certificate


Measures: Width: 60 cm - Length: 185 cm - Height: 4 cm

Included: additional cushion for arm support

Open mattress dimensions: 60 x 185 x 4 cm

Weight: 4 kg



100% organic buckwheat pods, 100% cotton cover, ecru color.

You can choose between different lengths and diameters:

Short (25cm): specially designed to support clients' necks,

Long (45cm): intended for use below the knees

Diameter 12cm: generally more suitable for the neck of women

Diameter 14cm: generally more suitable for men's necks.

Size guide:

XS: 25x12cm

S: 25x14cm

M: 4 5x12cm

L: 4 5x14cm

* You can always decrease the diameter by removing part of the filling.



Washable protective cover.

Protect your FutonZen with a washable cover! Enjoy a 25% reduction by buying it together with your FutonZen!

Why? The cover fitted to the FutonZen (S, M & L) is not washable . We therefore recommend that you purchase a washable protective cover as well!

Even if the futon is equipped of a cover that can be removed using a zipper, we strongly recommend that you do not wash it:  the cotton always tends to shrink, therefore you risk not being able to properly place your futon in it anymore. FUTONZEN declines any responsibility if necessary! Add a WASHABLE protective cover to your basket to stay zen!


You can choose between different colors & materials:

  • BLUE : 100% cotton, washable at 40 °

  • GRAY WITH IDEOGRAMS : Cotton blend, washable at 40 °

  • BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, BLUE ROYAL: Waterproof polyester, washable with a damp sponge, hydroalcoholic solutions, etc.

Do you already have an extra protective cover?

It is then not necessary to buy another one!

* With the exception of the EVO model, made of polyester, practically tear-proof and washable with a cloth, for which we do NOT recommend the purchase of an additional cover.

Pourquoi deux? 

Tous les FutonZen (S, M & L) sont équipés d'une housse pas lavable qui permets aux panneaux de rester à leur place et également d'une housse lavable de dimensions plus grandes; Avec le lavage le coton a tendance à rétrécir, par conséquent si vous lavez la housse pas lavable vous risqueriez de ne pouvoir plus y placer correctement votre FutonZen. FUTONZEN se dégage de toute responsabilité le cas échéant. 
Si vous ne voulez pas risquer de salir la housse non lavable, achetez une deuxième housse lavable. Restez sereins. et économisez 25 % sans avoir à repousser l'achat à plus tard.

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