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Antibacterial "Memory Foam" mattress specially designed to give an extraordinary sensation of envelopment and softness.

Spread it on your FutonZen and the person receiving your treatment will feel very comfortable thanks to the incredible characteristics of the material. This extraordinary invention is, in fact, endowed with the "Memory" effect, the memory effect which makes the mattress adapts perfectly to the body of the person lying on it.

The carpet rolls up its entire length and becomes a small cylinder. It comes with two straps that are used to attach it. Thanks to its special features, the mattress can stay well wrapped for a year, and when you reopen it, by itself, it returns to its original position. This is why it adapts wonderfully to the body of the person lying on it.



Antibacterial certificate




Width cm. 60 - Length 185 cm - Height 4 cm - Weight 4 kg

Included: additional cushion to support the arm

Dimensions open: 60x185x4cm

Weight: 4 kg


Extra Comfort "Memory Foam" mattress

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