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The FutonZen S is the lightest: only 2.5kg!
It is equipped with a small cushion 40 × 50 × 2 cm to increase the work surface.


Each FutonZen is equipped with a washable cover and with a waterproof carrying bag with shoulder strap.


FutonZen S (135x200x2cm)

SKU: 0001
PriceFrom €316.00
  • Dimensions open: 200 × 137 × 2 cm
    Working surface: 2.80 m²
    Folded dimensions: 75 × 55 × 20 cm
    Padding: Polyetylene High-Tech Weight: 2.5 kg

    Weight of the protective cover: cotton: 1kg / polyester: 1.5Kg


    The dimensions that we indicate are approximate. A slight difference may be made due to the homemade.

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