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From practitioner to practitioner

With its 20-year history, this product with very high technical characteristics arrives in Belgium, the Netherlands & not only, to bring even more zen to your practice!

FutonZen was designed by Bernardo Corvi, practitioner and teacher of shiatsu in Italy for more than 20 years. Observing the needs of students and his colleagues, he studied a transportable futon that could satisfy the needs of lightness, comfort and practicality!

Futonzen is the most technologically advanced tool in Europe, thanks to the use of materials also used in the medical field (High Tech polyethylene) and superior quality cottons.


Each FutonZen is handcrafted, in Italy. The delivery time is approximately 10 working days and is dispatched by post. Orders from abroad (Europe) are produced as a priority.

Customer satisfaction is essential for us!

That is why we are available to answer all your questions and ensure the utmost professionalism throughout the sales and after-sales process. As we are the first to use FutonZen, we are sure you will be satisfied! But know that you can always exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving your package without having to give any explanations!


Bernardo Corvi

Shiatsu practitioner and teacher in Italy for 20 years.

FutonZen: les futons portables les plus léger au monde. Pour le shiatsu, le massage thaï, wuo-thaï & tout travail corporel.

My greatest satisfaction? Having helped so many people solve the basic problem of the practice: always having a workspace close at hand, at home or in your studio.


This futon with very high technical characteristics has allowed many people to practice their discipline anywhere. In Italy alone, about 3,000 practitioners have been using my portable futon!

I use it myself every day, here is its secret!

Futonzen is an innovative solution for your business, a forward-looking purchase.

Try it, you will agree with me!

I wish you good practice and good life.



Valentina Signore

Shiatsu practitioner in Brussels

FutonZen: les futons portables les plus léger au monde. Pour le shiatsu, le massage thaï, wuo-thaï & tout travail corporel.

I am a shiatsu massage therapist, based in Brussels. I have been using my FutonZen since I was a student in Italy: it allowed me to start practicing right away, when I didn't have a studio.

After almost 10 years, my FutonZen is as great as the first day!

When I arrived in Belgium and discovered that there was nothing like it here, I suggested to Bernardo to create an online store to make this product accessible to many colleagues and students who want to simplify their life - and practice - without renouncing to comfort!

My wish? May this futon inspire many therapists to bring the practices they are passionate about to an ever larger and more diverse audience, with no limits to the imagination.

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