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With the FutonZen L you can enjoy maximum comfort: 5 square metres of working surface for only 3.2 kg of weight!


Each FutonZen is equipped with a washable cover and with a waterproof carrying bag with shoulder strap.

FutonZen L (200x250x2cm)

PriceFrom €479.00
  • Each futonzen comes with a washable cover, of which you can choose the material and colour.

    You can also add a second washable cover at a reduced price (-25%).


    The futon is made with a non-washable cover, with a zip. This cover is of the exact size of the futon, to keep the panels in place. This cover is not washable because cotton always tends to shrink in the wash. If you do so, you may not be able to position your FutonZen correctly. FUTONZEN accepts no responsibility in this case.


    The colour of the non-washable cover will be the same as the colour of the chosen protective cover.

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