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EVO is the ideal choice for those who work in areas where immediate cleaning and disinfection of the FutonZen is required. Its polyester cover is virtually tear-proof, so there is no need to buy a protective cover.

The lining, made of waterproof fabric also used in navigation, will allow you to clean it immediately with a damp cloth or sponge, and to disinfect it with hydroalcoholic solutions, antibacterial sprays, etc.


This model is equipped with a waterproof carrying bag with shoulder strap.


FutonZen EVO (145x250x2cm)

  • Dimensions open: 145 × 250 × 2 cm

    Dimensions folded: 78 × 55 × 25 cm

    Weight: 2.9 kg

    Working area: 3.6 m² (3.6 sq. ft.)

    Upholstery: High-tech polyethylene

    Cover: Polyester

    The dimensions given are approximate. A slight difference may occur due to the handmade production.

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