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Set of 3 foldable multi-purpose cushions.  To get  on all occasions a dry and thermally insulated support for comfortable installation.


An additional tool for your  practical: increase  the surface of your futon when necessary,  but not only that:  to discover  also as a cushion for the  meditation, as a knee-rest mat for  DIY or as  changing mat, or as a picnic cushion.


Waterproof, with its polyester cover,  it can be easily cleaned and disinfected with spray or hydroalcoholic gel.

area :  0.20  m²

open dimensions  :  50  ×  40  ×  2  cm

folded dimensions  :  50  ×  20  ×  4  cm

padding  :  High-Tech Polyetylene

weight  :  110  g

cover: polyester

available colors: royal blue, night blue, white, black

Multi-use cushion - Set of 3

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